The main purpose of this blog has been to express the huge approach considering symbolic analysis and its relevant references in core computer science. There are exactly 100 posts in it just now.

However, it is hard to realize what is the function of analysis in that wide approach. In order to clarify that wide scope we suggest a new term to illustrate the whole functionality of symbols to allow expressing key ideas of computer science using symbols.

Symbol Driven Engineering

When MDE (Model Driven Engineering) is a discipline to support software development using models, we propose Symbol Driven Engineering,  SDE is a discipline to support software development using symbols. In this blog there are now 15 posts about symbolic computation.  The best relevance for SDE can be found at the post:

SDE can be used in programming in order to emphasize the role of symbols and their semantics in formulating new code.

SDE is an umbrella term for symbolic analysis, too.

The main formalism of SDE comes from four technology spaces: GrammarWare, ModelWare, SimulatioWare and KnowledgeWare.

Below the purpose of SDE for corrective maintenance is shown.

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