In the philosophy of science, instrumentalism is the view that a concept or theory should be evaluated by how effectively it explains and predicts phenomena, as opposed to how accurately it describes objective reality. It is a rigorous scientific method. typical for fundamental science.

Symbolic analysis (SAM) is an ideal approach to be connected with the instrumentalist purpose. The purpose of SAM is to maximize expressice power of symbols captured from source code in order to model behavior of the corresponding program, the phenomena which model the execution of each symbol to be presented as observations.

The only reductionist concept in this framework is the one of symbol (see yellow label in Fig). For different types of symbols behavioral theories are entered using the automaton formalism. For certain arguments of each linked input symbol each symbol creates a theory, which can be proved in a higher level logic. That approach has connections of how to validate and verify parts of the program.

The figure shows the inheritance paths for the main concepts as well as data paths between concepts.


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