The hermeneutic circle describes the process of understanding a text hermeneutically. With Schleiermacher, hermeneutics begins to stress the importance of the interpreter in the process of interpretation. In this respect hermeneutics focuses on the importance of the interpreter understanding the text as a necessary stage to interpreting it. Understanding, for Schleiermacher, does not simply come from reading the text, but involves knowledge of the historical context of the text and the psychology of the author.

We extend the hermeneutic circle in two ways:

  1. For theories: We collect some of the most essential theries of computer science for buiding a metatheory to explain the process of code analysis in the maintenance approach.
  2. For practice: We describe the process of a software develope when reaching deeper understanding source code.

Because of its support for both theories and practice, hermeneutic circle is an ideal tool to make a bridge between the theory and practice of symbolic analysis, the name of this blog.