This blog introduces Symbolic Analysis (Laitila, 2008 2009) as a generic computation model, which covers some of the most essential parts of computer science with its symbolic formalism.

The methodology has some strong connections both to the theory of computer science and to the pracice of software development. The practical approach is most evident in various activities of program comprehension (PC), which has connections to cognition science.



Foundation for computer science can be seen in the paper: On computable numbers (Turing, 1936), although much good research was done before that breakthrough.

This blog introduces the technology spaces GrammarWare, ModelWare, SimulationWare, KnowledgeWare in order to make some progress to the theories of program comprehension, which helps the users in maintenance. The concept Symbol is the carrier to connect all information. Therefore, the main concept of this contribution can be called: On computable symbols.