Definition.      Type constructor (of the model weaver).

Let C be a clause to be weaved and <T> its type. Type constructor TC is a constructor to create an object Symbolic<T>Element to return its handle to the calling element.

A short if-example expressed in Java:  if (OldFriend) print(Hello).


The corresponding model consists of four (4) source code atoms (symbols):

  1. If 1       01480000:path(iff_([at(014965C0,[])],[at(04FAFCC0,[])],[]))
  2. OldFriend  014965C0:def(vardef(basic_type(“int”),”OldFriend”,[],[]))
  3. print      04FAFCC0:get(call(sget([method_name(“print”)]), [at(01496450,[])]))
  4. Hello      01496450:def(vardef(basic_type(“int”),”Hello”,[],[])

The numbers above are pointers to the other atoms.