Symbolic is a symbolic code description language for abstracting Java and other programming languages. The definition for Symbolic is a tuple (Clause, Name, Type).

1 interface symbolic
2 domains
3      Clause definition:        clause = …     ..
4      Symbolic name:            symbolicName = ..
5      Symbolic type:            symbolicType = ..
6 end interface symbolic

The whole semantics of Symbolic structures is described by using the term clause.

Clause is the foundation of symbolic processing, because all tokens can be parsed and written as clauses.

In the following list the subtypes of clause and their meanings are listed:

clause =
1      Definitions:             def(defClause);
2      Creating commands:       creator(createClause);
3      References:              ref(refClause);
4      Method calls:            get(getClause);
5      Change clauses:          set(setClause);
6      Conditional clauses:     path(pathClause);
7      Loops:                   loop(loopClause);
8      Operations:              op(opClause);
9      Constants:               val(valClause);
10      Other clauses:           other(otherClause);
11      Internal links:          at(SymbolicElement, clause*);
12      Side effects:            seffect(sideEffectClause);
13      Meta information:        meta(metaClause);
14      Comments:                info(string)